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EPX 86FR presents an unparalleled blend of flame-retardant properties, functional durability, exceptional strength, and sustained reliability. Tailored to meet the demands of consumer, automotive, and industrial sectors necessitating UL 94 V-0 or 25.853(a) ratings, it boasts flame-retardant and self-extinguishing attributes. EPX 86FR holds Blue Card® certification from UL, affirming its quality and safety standards.


Flame retardance, functional toughness, and long-term stability

Color Options: Black

Technical Data
Property ASTM Metric Units
Tensile Strength D638M 90 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity, Youngs Modulus D638M 3300 MPa
Elongation at Break (%) D638M 10%
Flexural Strength D790M 140 MPa
Flexural Modulus D790M 3500 MPa
IZOD Impact (notched) D256A 30 J/m
Heat Deflection Temperature @ 0.45 MPa/66 psi, (°C) D648 135 °C

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