Intricate Detailing and Durability

HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology is a rapid and precise 3D printing technique that utilizes powdered materials and an inkjet array to apply fusing and detailing agents selectively. This layer-by-layer process enables the creation of objects with intricate details. MJF printing stands out for its speed, ability to achieve fine details, and excellent mechanical properties. It finds extensive application in rapid prototyping, product design, and small-scale manufacturing, particularly for the production of accurate and durable parts. Additionally, we utilize HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology, which offers medical-grade white nylon material and the ability to control physical and functional properties throughout the part.

NEW CAPABILITIES: Medical-Grade White Nylon

Dinsmore introduces the game-changing HP JetFusion 5420W 3D printing solution, revolutionizing the medical industry with unrivaled medical-grade white nylon. Engineered for biocompatibility and safe human contact, it’s the ideal choice for implants, prosthetics, and medical devices. Its sterilizability guarantees effortless disinfection, ensuring a high standard of hygiene. With exceptional durability and wear resistance, it delivers long-lasting performance for medical devices. Embrace customization for patient-specific implants and anatomical models, enhancing outcomes and minimizing complications. Dinsmore and HP JetFusion 5420W: Pioneering medical advancements together.

MJF Materials

Nylon 12 PA


Engineered to produce final parts and functional prototypes with fine detail and dimensional accuracy across a variety of industries.


Nylon 12, comprising 40% glass beads, is a thermoplastic composite known for its superior...


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