High Demand Industrial Metal 3D Printing Technology

Direct Metal Laser Sintering, or DMLS is an additive manufacturing technique for 3D printing prototypes and production-grade metal parts directly from CAD data by micro-welding grains of powdered metal with a laser. The core concept of DMLS technology is to use metal powder to manufacture highly complex designs with high heat tolerances that normally could not be achieved with traditional manufacturing techniques like CNC or casting. The ability to 3D print detailed metal parts with hollowed-out features is ideal for engineers trying to lighten the weight of components. This is especially useful for applications in the Automotive or Aerospace industries where weight has a direct effect on part performance.

The additive manufacturing process of DMLS utilizes a wide number of metal alloys with engineering-grade properties including Stainless Steel (316L & 17-4PH), Nickel Alloy (625 & 718), Aluminum AISi10MG, MONEL K500, Cobalt Chrome CocrMo, Titanium Ti64.

DMLS printing is most suitable for casting materials that requires no sacrifice of any properties and could not be easily die cast or machined. Direct Metal Laser Sintering is an ideal process for rapid prototyping, complex geometries, weight reduction of parts, accuracy of fine details, and consolidation of metal parts to dramatically reduce development time. DMLS also helps reduce costs as there is no tooling required.

The quality of any DMLS part is dependent on the knowledge of how to build specifically for that technology. Considerations such as structural configurations, support optimization, and post-production surface finish features can be discussed with a Dinsmore Inc. Account Manager. If you’re interested in using Direct Metal Laser Sintering for your upcoming project, please contact Dinsmore today and let our experience guide you through the DMLS 3D printing process. Get started on your next project by Requesting a Quote.

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