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3D Printing and Sustainability

Earth day 2016 has come and gone, but the day’s message is still fresh on our minds; be green. Most individuals know how to be green on the consumer end, but the producer end may not be as obvious. 3D Printing is aiding in making the producer of consumer products, a greener one.

Here are three ways 3D printing is making a stride for a more sustainable future:

  1. 3D printing of prototypes/products can be done using recycled materials
  2. 3D printing generates little to no waste during manufacturing and uses no lubricants
  3. 3D printing can generate replacement parts

Companies are working towards using a higher percentage of recycled material during the production of 3D printed products and prototypes. In December 2015, “Adidas and Parley for the Oceans showcased an innovative footwear concept, the 3D-printed Ocean Plastic shoe midsole, to demonstrate how the industry can re-think design and contribute to stop ocean plastic pollution”  (Adidas-Group, “Adidas and parley for the oceans stop the industry’s waiting game”).

Dinsmore - Adidas 3D Printed Shoe

3D printing generates little to no waste since the producer is making something into something in lieu of making something from something. The two manufacturing differences may be small, but the final waste results between the two are substantial.

Generating replacement parts through 3D printing can repair otherwise normally disposed products. Or while on the International Space Station, in preparation for future journeys to Mars, astronauts can print replacement parts or even tools to avoid serious complications that could arise while in space.

Dinsmore - 3D Printed Tool in Space Dinsmore - 3D Printed Part in Space

At Dinsmore, Inc. we create prototypes and products from our various 3D printers at our Irvine location. Give us a call and we can use this sustainable technology to create your product or bring your idea to life through prototyping.

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