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3 Reasons Why Prototyping is Right for You

Always an idea, but never a product. Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Sketches and 3D renderings aid in showing the look and feel of an idea, but a prototype brings a drawing to life giving the viewer an experience without words. Prototyping can help get your idea off the paper and into users hands, here’s how.

  1. Fail inexpensively and early
    3D rendering can only go so far. Prototyping can aid in resolving design issues only you can see once the product is in your hands. Even if the prototype is perfect, refinements can always be made.
  2. Sell your idea
    Rallying investments can be difficult, especially when design-minded. Having a working prototype allows others to experience the product. Many of us ask “Let me see,” but really mean, “Let me touch and experience.” Allowing investors and clients to experience a product first hand can help convince even the greatest skeptics.
  3. Gather design feedback earlier
    Working prototypes allow inventors to test usability earlier. Gaining insight on how the product will be used by others along with possibilities on how to improve functionality. Designing and redesigning to create a better, more refined product.

Prototyping doesn’t need to be elaborate and all consuming – many options allow designers to receive a rapid, and rather low-investment form of prototype. Remember tip one, fail inexpensively and early. Dinsmore can aid in bringing an early-stage product to fruition with various manufacturing options specifically tailored to your product needs. You don’t want to manufacture your product until you’ve seen a prototype and are absolutely sure everything is right. A rendering is much different than a printed prototype and trust us, your investors will see the difference from all sides.

Partner with Dinsmore and we will show you that our selection of prototyping technologies is second to none.

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