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Introducing Dinsmore Employee Spotlights – Dave Nord

At Dinsmore, we’re committed to customer service and providing transparency into the workflow and technologies used to execute on all our customers’ needs. As part of that commitment, we want our customers to get better acquainted with the people that make it all work. This week, we’re featuring Dave Nord, an account manager on the sales team. We recently sat down with Dave to ask him more about his expertise and thoughts about the future of 3D printing technology and product development.

  • How were you first introduced to the team at Dinsmore, and what is your current role?
    I was Introduced to Jay (our CEO and Founder) 2 years ago through mutual friends in additive manufacturing. I had an immediate connection to Dinsmore’s focus on customer service and commitment to the use of innovative technologies to serve its customers. I am an account manager serving clients across industries including automotive, medical, and consumer products.
  • How did you first become interested in 3D printing, manufacturing and engineering?
    After 24 years of sales and ownership in the retail environment, I was ready to try something new. I’ve always been interested in the entire process of product development. Being part of the development cycle, helping customers understand 3D printing and how it can help them get to manufacturing at a fast pace, was really exciting to me. I felt that my background in customer service would be an added value to help the product designers and engineers at Dinsmore better serve the customers.
  • What is your favorite technology at Dinsmore and why?
    Though new and challenging, my favorite technology at Dinsmore is the somewhat new DLS (Digital Light Synthesis- formerly known as CLIP) technology from Carbon. A lot of walls in Additive Manufacturing were knocked down with the material selection this technology has to offer. Customers have an opportunity to build both prototypes and final parts in production-grade materials and can produce a range of quantities from single design iterations to large volumes of end-use parts without being married to traditional technologies. Carbon’s materials road map also shows more of these production materials to come, and I’m excited to work with our customers at Dinsmore to find new application opportunities.
  • Are you an expert in any other applications/technologies?
    In addition to DLS, I consider myself an expert in SLA for Medical, Consumer Products, and Automotive applications. I’ve worked with a host of customers on these technologies and they have been thrilled with the results.
  • What project(s) are you personally most proud of since you joined the Dinsmore team?
    I am truly excited about every project I’ve worked on at Dinsmore. One aspect of my work that I’m most proud of is cutting down the time of product development cycles for both large and small companies to get them to their next phase of production faster.
  • Which industries or customers do you think benefit the most from 3D printing technologies? Why?
    Almost every industry can benefit from 3D printing technologies. Just about every geometry can be 3D printed at a turnaround time that grossly surpasses any other means of building prototypes or in some cases production quantities.
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  • What differentiates the Dinsmore’s team and services in the industry?
    Dinsmore shines in product knowledge and customer service. We are not in the business to just sell parts. The service we sell is very hands on and our communication with customers is unmatched. We are always out for our customer’s best interest.
  • The 3D printing industry is changing rapidly. What areas do you see expanding the fastest? What are you most excited about? How have recent technology advancements helped you succeed?
    I see 3D printing moving more and more toward manufacturing final parts. The ability to build parts on 3D printers, as opposed to traditional injection molding and other technologies, in a lot of applications, where parts can be changed on the fly has me energized. This fact has brought in a lot of OEM companies that use Dinsmore as a manufacturing resource instead of just a development and prototyping partner.

Now that you’ve met Dave, get in touch to discuss your next project. Phone: 714-641-7111 ext. 608  Email: [email protected].

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