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Four 3D Printing and Manufacturing Terms You Will Be Happy to Know

Brush up on the latest manufacturing and printing technology terminology by learning these four commonly used terms. Knowledge keeps us all on top of our game. We mention various terms in our blogs, social media posts and in our available supporting printed marketing materials. Since it is our job to be experts, today we’ll share how these terms are used at Dinsmore in relation to the services we offer our customers


  1. 3D Printing
    Traditionally, 3D Printing, is the process of building a part or product by adding one layer at a time. Dinsmore now offers technology, such as Carbon’s DLS (Digital Light Synthesis) technology that does not use layers in its production. The term 3D printing is mentioned regularly in conjunction with desktop printers, prototyping, product design iteration and small batch production.
  2. Additive Manufacturing
    Additive Manufacturing is the specific use of advanced 3D printing technologies to produce functional, final products in low, medium and large volumes.Some OEMs and industry leaders use the terms additive manufacturing and 3D printing interchangeably. Here at Dinsmore, we want to provide our customers clarity on the services we provide. General inquiries about 3D printing technology are applied to small batch production, fit and function testing and product development/prototyping efforts, while additive manufacturing produces final products which have been tested for quality and function.
  3. Rapid Prototyping
    Rapid Prototyping is the end result of 3D Printing. Rapid Prototyping is the complete process of developing a prototype from a CAD file, through design iterations and complete a prototype.
  4. Functional Prototype
    Functional Prototype is as the name sounds, a prototype that is a near-final model created during the design process to evaluate the form, fit and function of an object and its constituent parts. Sometimes this prototype is developed in a different material than the final product, but it is usually beneficial in the design process to have it made out of the same material to finalize functionality and performance. 


These are just a few of the many manufacturing or printing technology terms that Dinsmore uses daily. While working on a project, we walk our customers through every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure the product comes out right the first time.

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