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MotorMood Selects Dinsmore Driver, Frankie as “Happy Driver of the Week”

Frankie has a smile that will warm your heart.

Frankie will brighten up your day when you see him. He goes around the busy freeways and streets of Southern California every day delivering parts that Dinsmore 3D prints. Frankie goes about his job, wearing his sunglasses, smiling, driving the Dinsmore Subaru with a blue winky MotorMood on the back! From his coworkers to customers, everyone is happy to see Frankie’s grand smile!

A few words from his coworkers: “Frank is the star of Dinsmore. Especially given the fact that he is 86 year old and does not intend to give up on working and there is not a single day, that he is not at the office by 8AM! His work ethic inspires us all.” See what Frankie has to say below:

“It is a lovely invention which is much simpler to use than the GPS System Dinsmore has given me,” he jokes. “I love the fact that MotorMood helps me spread smiles on the road because that is where I spend most of my day. Even the customers that I deliver our parts to always ask about the smiling face at the back of our car. It helps striking conversations and helps me create new friends on the road. With the smiling face on my car, they always know it is me. I don’t have to introduce myself.” He adds laughing, “Not that I need introduction.”

Welcome to Happy Driver Weekly! Every Monday we’ll be highlighting the Happy Driver of the week as well as some fun content to brighten your day!

Kina 🙂

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