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Dinsmore Employee Spotlight- Philippe Servando

At Dinsmore, we’re committed to customer service and providing transparency into the workflow and technologies used to execute on all our customers’ needs. As part of that commitment, we want our customers to get better acquainted with the people that make it all work. As part of our employee spotlights, this week we are featuring Philippe Servando, an Account Manager on the sales team.

Dinsmore - Philippe Servando
Philippe Servando – Dinsmore Account Manager

How did you first become interested in 3D printing and manufacturing? What led you to your role at Dinsmore?

Jay Dinsmore actually used to be a customer of mine when I was working for another service provider. Jay had shown me some sample parts he had produced, which is what immediately sparked my fascination. When the company I was working for was acquired, I reflected on what was next for me and immediately got back in touch with Jay to explore the industry further. At the time, Jay was in the midst of starting to scale what is now Dinsmore, Inc. It was perfect timing for us. That was back in 2006, and here we are now, 11 years later!  

Do you have a favorite technology that you’ve really enjoyed working with?

I think the technology I trust the most is SLA because it  has been around for more than 30 years and keeps improving every year. Many of our customers know about the technology and have full confidence that they will get good parts out of it. SLA is a great go-to technology.

Are there recent projects that you’re most proud of?

I’m proud of so many projects from the last 11 years at Dinsmore, from printing anatomical models that help surgeons and medical researchers, to aiding auto manufacturers to integrate 3D printing into all aspects of their product R&D.

The 3d printing industry is changing rapidly. What areas do you see expanding the fastest? What are you most excited about?

All of the recent innovation in 3D printing technology really gets you thinking that anything is possible. I’m excited about being a part of this industry’s future. At Dinsmore in the near future, we’ll be seeing parts we produced go into space, and we’ll be offering biocompatible materials that will soon be implantable in the human body. Our customers are really on the edge of what’s possible and we’re thrilled to be a partner on their journey.

What do you think differentiates the Dinsmore team and services in the industry?

Anybody can buy a machine. It’s our customer service and experience that makes Dinsmore shine. I’m proud to work with the incredible team we’re building here.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Philippe a bit better, send him an email him to discuss your next project. Email: [email protected].

Dinsmore will present more employee profiles in the near future, so keep checking back with us to learn more about our dynamic team.