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Dinsmore Employee Spotlights – Nick Dario


At Dinsmore, we’re committed to customer service and providing transparency into the workflow and technologies used to execute on all our customers’ needs. As part of that commitment, we want our customers to get better acquainted with the people that make it all work. As part of our employee spotlights, this week we are featuring Nick Dario, an Account Manager on the sales team.


Dinsmore - Nick Dario
Dinsmore – Nick Dario


How were you first introduced to Dinsmore? What made you want to work here?

I had a growing interest in manufacturing and engineering, and after meeting another Dinsmore team member who introduced me to the Dinsmore team, I knew it was the right fit for me. I am always eager to tackle new challenges and the vast array of work we do with our customers across industries and applications really keeps me on my toes.  

Are you an expert in any specific technology offered at Dinsmore?

I’d consider myself a 3D Printing “jack of all trades.” My expertise lies in understanding the range of technologies that are available in the industry and applying those to our customers’ needs. I truly enjoy all of the technologies at Dinsmore, but have definitely enjoyed working with the SLA machines would have to be my favorite. At Dinsmore, we constantly have numerous projects running through our SLA machines, making it our most popular and universal technology.

Any thoughts on the future of 3D printing and how it will affect your clients?

I believe everyone, from inventors with product ideas sketched on a napkin to large companies with one-day turn around times, can benefit from integrating 3D printing technologies. Time and again, our expertise in 3D printing and design for prototyping helps customers get products to the market faster. The 3D printing industry is always changing. It is amazing to see this industry evolve so quickly. I anticipate we’ll continue to see increases in precision and accuracy over the next few years, which will allow customers to use 3D printing technologies as their final mode of production.

What differentiates Dinsmore as a service provider?

Our customer service. We bend over backwards to get our customer’s them high quality parts on-time. I also enjoy visiting with customers at least once a month to meet face-to-face. It helps us maintain a strong working-relationship and allows our customers to stay informed on the latest technologies and services we offer.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Nick a bit better, give him a call or email him to discuss your next project. Phone: 714-641-7111 ext. 629, email: [email protected].

Dinsmore will present more employee profiles in the near future, so keep checking back with us to learn more about our dynamic team.