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Dinsmore Employee Spotlights – Dale

At Dinsmore, we’re committed to customer service and providing transparency into the workflow and technologies used to execute on all our customers’ needs. As part of that commitment, we want our customers to get better acquainted with the people that make it all work. As part of our employee spotlights, this week we are featuring Dale Heuermann, a Design Engineer on the engineering team.


Dinsmore - Employee Spotlight - Dale
Dale Heuermann, Dinsmore Design Engineer


Tell us about your role at Dinsmore and why you joined the team.

I was previously an engineer with a medical device company where I first met Jay Dinsmore. He was our 3D printing representative. I started utilizing 3D printing in my role as a design engineer to speed up our product development time. Having known Jay for over 20 years, we sat down one morning for coffee in early 2017 and discussed how I would be a good fit for Dinsmore team. I was excited to hear Jay’s vision to enable business across industries with additive manufacturing. Currently, I am a lead design engineer managing the design group, quality organization and am an ISO9001 Representative. I also help support the sales team by offering assistance when needed for technical discussions with customers.

What is your favorite technology at Dinsmore and why?

That is a good question. I truly believe that each technology serves a purpose and fits a need. I would say I’m currently favoring the Carbon Digital Light Synthesis technology because of its potential to create production-quality parts, which opens new opportunity for our customers.

What project(s) are you personally most proud of since you started at Dinsmore?

As the ISO point person, led the company to get certified I as ISO9110:2015, Implementing systems and procedures required to be ISO certified. This certification demonstrates to other companies that we have the business and quality systems in place to be able to consistently produce quality products with a commitment to continuous improvement

Which industries or customers do you think benefit the most from 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies and why?

I think the Medical industry, with all the new device development that’s happening will see an uptick in use of 3D printing and additive manufacturing to aid in reducing development cycles and event produce final products. The Automotive industry is another area where we could see major impact, from design iteration on new models to on-demand replacement parts.

The 3D printing industry is changing rapidly. What areas do you see expanding the fastest?

The industry is moving beyond prototyping towards producing final parts. Utilizing technologies like Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis, HP Fusion Jet technology and others, you’ll begin to see more and more manufacturing applications.


Now that you’ve gotten to understand Dale’s background and strategic planning, give him a call or email him to discuss your next engineering project phone: 714-641-7111, email: [email protected]. His industry knowledge is just one of many factors that sets Dinsmore apart from the manufacturing industry.

Dinsmore will present more employee profiles in the near future, so keep checking back with us to learn more about our dynamic team.