The breathalyzer apparatus has a miniature sensor, located on the underside of the wrist and is 1/8th the size of traditional breathalyzer technology. Upon blowing onto the miniature sensor, the presence of ethanol triggers an analog voltage charge that is converted into an LED reaction.

Three easily discernible colors indicate to the user their blood alcohol results:

  • Yellow designates the device is warming up
  • Blue designates the device is ready for use and that the user is safe to drive
  • Red designates the user is over California’s legal BAC limit

Users of the wristband could include responsible adults, establishments that server alcohol, of-age college students and trend-setters. The attractive and useful bracelet will cost $20 at retail, 13% of the price of comparable breathalyzers.

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We just wanted to send another ‘thank you’ for everything you did for us and for all of the help you gave to the kids. Thank you for walking us through every aspect of 3D printing and bracelet production, thank you for generously spending designing time and money, and thank you for answering the gazillion questions and emails that we have had throughout this process. You both have been so generous in your mentorship and expertise. Jason, your role in meeting our ultimate goal of arriving at MIT with a finished product COULD not have happened without YOU. Please know that WE KNOW how significant your role has been in our success.

Our trip to MIT proved to be incredibly successful! We received an unbelievable amount of praise for the quality of product we were able to present, the sharp presentation our kids gave during their 30 minute talk and during the team showcase, and the level of mastery our students showed about their design and invention. We could not have achieved this success without our mentors. Your level of expertise and generosity was just what we needed, and we can not been more grateful for you!

Also, we were able to drive a significant amount of business in your direction. It seemed that people were equally interested in our invention and in Dinsmore. We bragged heartily about the talents and professionalism of your company, and we made sure to handout and give away most of the promotional materials you sent with us. We also handed out quite a few of your cards, so don’t be surprised if you start getting some more phone calls. If you look in the attached pictures you can see each of the kids is wearing their MIT AND Dinsmore lanyard, and that all of the promotional materials are on our showcase table. We were also able to give you a big ‘shout out’ during our invention presentation. You all are AWESOME!!

Thank you again. Please know that your kindness is appreciated.