While there are many factors in play when developing a new product, an especially critical one is fundraising. It takes a significant investment to bring an idea to reality, and raising capital requires immaculate prototypes that allow investors to truly understand and appreciate the product. Your idea speaks for itself when it’s made properly.

Foundry Medical Innovations designs and develops medical and diagnostic devices, and they’ve had repeated success recruiting investors using prototypes created by Dinsmore. Over the past decade, our two companies have worked together on more than 10 projects — particularly cutting-edge diagnostic devices that can be used right at a patient’s bedside instead of out at a lab.

The Dinsmore team offers more than printing; Foundry Medical Innovations has used us as an extension of their own engineering department on the design of their prototypes. Because of our expertise in materials, finishes and machinery, we’re able to make design recommendations right from the get-go that translate into a superior product. In addition, our team always thinks ahead about reducing production costs and manufacturing time, offering design ideas that take nothing from the product, but give lots back to our client.

When clients are successful in securing investors through one of our prototypes, the benefits are two-fold. First, the funding itself allows products to continue down the development pipeline. Second, when we’ve been involved in the design, the prototype has been developed in such a way that future costs are reduced. We’ve helped our clients think ahead about the production process, and it makes the journey for that product a much smoother ride.

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Our clients often need quality prototypes to show prospective investors when fundraising. Dinsmore is able to finish and paint these prototypes to make them look as close to the final manufactured part as possible. Dinsmore has delivered this service several times resulting in investment.