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Dinsmore Inc. Expands Capabilities For On-Demand, At-Scale Additive Manufacturing

Dinsmore Inc. is one of the first to offer Carbonā€™s New M2 3D printer and Smart Part Washer technology platforms

IRVINE, CA- March 16, 2017– Today, Dinsmore Inc. (Dinsmore) announced it is one of the first to offer Carbonā€™s CLIP Technology via the new M2 printer- part of Carbonā€™s SpeedCell product release. This new machine, coupled with Dinsmore’s two M1 machines and automated post processing, will allow the company to offer not only additional Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) capacity, but increased accuracy and repeatability across its Carbon products.

Dinsmore customers have eagerly awaited larger build areas for CLIP technology, and will finally be able to take advantage of the new M2 platform to produce parts for applications such as vehicle interiors, medical devices, enclosures for consumer products and many more.

As pressure for shortened product design and production timelines continues to grow, the role of the contract manufacturer is becoming increasingly important. Designers and engineers need support across the production spectrum from design and 3D modeling, to 3D prototyping and rapid manufacturing. By remaining focused on their customersā€™ needs, and ensuring they are experts in new technology and applications, Dinsmore continues to pioneer the use of innovative technologies for product design, development and production.

"Our customers trust us to be their go-to subject matter expert across an array of new and developing technologies. We are a trusted partner to Carbon and are constantly working with them to explore new and exciting application opportunities for CLIP technology. The new M2 and Smart Part Washer are the next step on that journey."

Jay Dinsmore, President and Founder of Dinsmore, Inc.

Carbon M2 Printer
Carbon M2 Printer

About the M2

The M2 is Carbonā€™s second commercially available printer that leverages Carbonā€™s Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology. The M2 enables the printing of larger parts and the capacity to print more parts per build with the same resolution and resulting mechanical properties as Carbonā€™s original M1 printer. The printer boasts locked printing parameters for validated production runs, encrypted models, fleet management capabilities and more.

Smart Part Washer

The Smart Part Washer is a machine that enables optimal cleaning and easy finishing of 3D-printed parts. The washer shares a common interface with the build envelopes of the M1 and M2 so parts can be moved between systems easily and with minimal risk of damage. This new automated system removes any part errors which may result from manual part handling.

Carbon Smart Part Washer
Carbon Smart Part Washer

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The Dinsmore team will be exhibiting and on-site at the annual Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference in Chicago, March 19-24. Come pay us a visit at booth #13. For more information and to receive a free quote, please contact [email protected].

About Dinsmore Inc.

Founded in 2002, Dinsmore Inc. is a single source provider of design and engineering, 3D Printing, CNC machining, and injection molding services. The Dinsmore team of industrial, electrical and mechanical engineers boasts more than twenty years of experience with 3D printing technology. They are committed to supporting customers throughout the product design and production journey. Dinsmore’s ultimate goal is a simple one: get customers to market FAST! For more information please visit or follow us on Twitter @Dinsmore_inc.