Month: August 2016

Dinsmore - Sustainability Blog

3D Printing and Sustainability

Earth day 2016 has come and gone, but the day’s message is still fresh on our minds; be green. Most individuals know how to be green on the consumer end, but the producer end may not be as obvious. 3D Printing is aiding in making the producer of consumer products, a greener one.

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Dinsmore Walking Group

Eat. Sleep. Run. 3D Print

The Dinsmore team walked and jogged on a 1-mile track around the office location. It gave some of them a much needed breather as the week comes to an end and we head into the Easter Weekend.

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On the Wings of an Angel

Oakley, headquartered in Orange County, California, turned to local rapid manufacturing experts Dinsmore and Associates, Inc. to help them create a show-stopping piece of art.

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Dinsmore Goggles

Dinsmore, Inc. receives trademark approval

After years of experimenting with various 3D printing processes, Dinsmore & Associates is pleased to announce the approval of FRSLA (Fine Resolution Stereolithography Apparatus) by the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

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Angelic designs

Dinsmore and Associates, Inc. is a single-source provider of product design and development, rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, 3D printing, and rapid tooling services.

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Dinsmore Inc. - Printed Project

3D Printing in the Medical Field

What is it that keeps drawing more and more users to turn to 3D printing for medicine’s toughest questions? More than likely its printer’s variation, speed and cost are key factors in why the use of 3D Printers in the medical industry has been skyrocketing. 3D Printers can print using various materials, from glass to […]

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3D Printing Meets the Toy Industry

The choice of material and finishing options were scrutinized by Dinsmore & Associates to ensure a product that would precisely replicate the animated Disney version. Utilizing the uber-individualized SLA process, the surfaces of the prototype were able to achieve an extremely smooth finish, while the high resolution innate with SLA captured every detail to perfection — from the shirt the character was wearing to the artwork on his skateboard.

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