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We are 3D Printing and Rapid Manufacturing Specialists

Product Design and Development

Dinsmore & Associates product design services include product conceptualization, 3D renderings,
CAD modeling, and designing for manufacturability.

Rapid Prototyping

With the use of additive fabrication (SLA®, SLS®, DMLS™, FDM® & PolyJet™) it is possible to
create almost any shape or geometric feature without the need for elaborate machine set up or
final assembly, fabricate working prototypes utilizing a combination of materials, or as composite,
simplify the construction of complex objects to a manageable, fast and efficient process. Using high
tech machines it is poss ble to quickly manufacture parts with high accuracy and fine detail. We offer
different levels of finish including: standard, primer, painted, textured, chrome plated and “show quality.”

Plastic Casting

We offer a wide variety of urethane and epoxy materials to quickly manufacture plastic parts for
for prototype or production. We can accommodate material properties and finishes that mimic injection
molded thermoplastics. Typical delivery time for first article cast parts is one week. Plastic casting is an
excellent process for “look like: and “feel like” parts.

CNC Machining

We cut plastic and metal components directly from your 3D CAD data using high-speed CNC
machines. Using the latest NC programming software and subtractive technology, Dinsmore &
Associates can produce prototype or production parts usually withing 1-3 weeks. Whether you need a
one off prototype or hundreds of machined parts, our staff can help pick a material suited for your

Injection Mold Tooling

The combination of modular molds with rapid tooling offers a fast alternative to traditional tooling
methods, allowing the development of tool inserts within a relatively short time frame. Rapid injection
mold tooling enables the production of beta prototype parts of sufficient quality to fully test both the
product and the marketplace, providing stimulation of the market, enabling valuable feedback for the
company on a new product’s market potential and customer requirements.

Injection Molding

We currently have 8 injection molding presses ranging from 75-150 tons and shoot a wide variety of
plastic resins. We provide prototype and production molding whether you need hundreds or thousands
of pars. In addition, to our molding services we also offer product assembly, ultrasonic welding, and pad
printing services. Let Dinsmore & Associates be your one stop resource.

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