WaterShed© XC11122

Clear, Nearly Colorless, Durable, Water-Resistant Resin

WaterShed XC is a low viscosity liquid photopolymer that produces strong, tough, water-resistant, ABS-like parts. Most importantly parts created with WaterShed 11122 are nearly colorless, and look more like true, clear engineered plastic with high dimenional stability.


WaterShed XC 11122 offers many properties that mimic traditional engineering plastics including ABS and PBT. This makes the material ideal for many applications in the automotive, medical and consumer electronics markets and include:

  • Lenses
  • Packaging
  • Water flow analysis
  • RTV patterns
  • Durable concept models
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Quickcast patterns
WaterShed© XC11122
Property ASTM Metric Units
 Tensile Strength  D638M  47.1-53.6 MPA
 Elongation At Break  D638M  11-20%
 Elongation At Yield  D638M  3.3-3.5%
 Modulus Of Elasticity  D638M  2,650-2,880 MPA
 Flexural Strength  D790M  63.1-74.2 MPA
 Flexural Modulus  D790M  2,040-2,370 MPA
 Index Of Refraction  D256A  0.2-0.3 J/CM
 IzodImpact (Notched)  D542  1,512 – 1,515
Hardness (Shore D) D2240 N/A
 Graves Tear  D1004  150,288 N/M
Water Absorption D570-98 35%

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