TangoPlus, TangoBlack, and TangoGray

Flexible, Rubber-like, Tough, Exceptional Elongation


Expands the Tango family of rubber-like materials offering exceptional elongation at break, excellent toughness and durability and high resistance to tearing. It addresses a broad range of applications requiring rubber – like flexibility and durability, such as gaskets and seals, hoses, athletic footwear, toys and more.

TangoBlack and TangoGray:

TangoBlack and TangoGray rubber like flexible 3D modeling materials enables models that closely resemble that “feel” of flexible target products. TangoBlack and TangoGray enable a realistic rubber/silicone feel, and easily stretch to fit onto other parts. They are particularly ideal for many consumer electronics applications, shoes, toys, general industrial applications, and rapid tooling.


  • Opaque surfaces enhances visualization of details and edges
  • Good impact strength and flexural modulus enables a wide range of applications
  • High contrast between the model and support materials facilitates thorough support removal and cleaning
  • Multiple resins available – choice of solutions
FullCure® 900: TangoPlus, TangoGray and TangoBlack
Property ASTM Metric Units
Metric Units
Metric Units
Tensile Strength D638M N/A 4.36 MPA  2 MPA
Elongation at Break D638M 218% 47% 47.7%
Compressive Set D395 4.4% 1% 0.8%
Hardness (Shore D) D2240 27 Scale D 75 Scale A 61 Scale A
Tensile Tear Resistance D624 3.47 KG/CM 9.5 KG/CM 3.8 KG/CM

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