Prototyping Resin (PR 25)

PR is the prototyping resin used in carbon printers with properties similar to SLA resins. It prints quickly, has excellent resolution, and performs well enough to withstand moderate functional testing. It is available in six colors — cyan, magenta, yellow, black,  white, and gray. These colors can be mixed to create custom colors. PR 25 is a rapid production material that is used to both quickly iterate through engineering designs and produce parts with remarkable detail.

Prototyping resin (PR 25)
Property ASTM Metric Units
Ultimate Tensile Strength D638 26-32 MPA
Youngs Modulus D638 600-950 MPA
Elongation at Break D638 15-28%
Impact Strength D256 24-28 J/M
Flexural Strength D790 35-45 MPA

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