Nylon 12 PA


Ideal for complex assemblies, housings, enclosures and connectors with robust thermoplastic that optimizes part quality with cost, producing strong structures with precise small features and detail.


A strong, multi-purpose engineering-grade thermoplastic, optimized for 3D printing efficiency.

Technical Data
Property ASTM Metric Units
General Properties
Density of Parts D792 1.01 g/cm3
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength, Max Load5 – XY D638 48 MPa/6960 psi
Tensile Strength, Max Load5 – Z D638 48 MPa/6960 psi
Tensile Modulus5 – XY D638 1700 MPa/245 ksi
Tensile Modulus5 – Z D638 1800 MPa/260 ksi
Elongation at Break5 – XY D638 20%
Elongation at Break5 – Z D638 15%
Impact Properties
 Notched Izod (Machined) D256 23 ± 5 J/m
Unnotched Izod D4812 291 ± 48 J/m
Thermal Properties
Heat Deflection Temperature (@ 0.45 MPa) – Z D648 175 °C
Heat Deflection Temperature (@ 1.82 MPa) – Z D648 95 °C

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