Nylon 12 GF

Laser Sintering Material

This glass filled nylon 12 material is characterized by excellent mechanical stiffness. it has elevated temperature resistance compared to the regular nylon 12. it is also dimensionally stable.


The Nylon 12 material is mainly used for complex prototype plastic parts. they are also used in low volumes of functional parts. Some of its applications includes housing, enclosures, consumer sporting goods and also in snap fit designs. They are used for form, fit and functional prototypes.

Nylon 12
Property ASTM Metric Units
Flexural Modulus D790 2241 MPA
Flexural Strength D790 61 MPA
Elongation D638 1.5 – 3%
Heat Deflection Temp (66 PSI) D648 179° C
Tensile Modulus D638 2896 MPA

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