Nylon 12 AF

Laser Sintering Material

This aluminium filled composite polyamide produces strong and stiff parts with a grey metallic appearance. it has an improved tensile modulus and flex modulus compared to the regular nylon material. it is also characterized by good wear resistance and detail reproduction. it is mainly suitable for parts requiring superior surface finish.


This material is ideal for aerospace, automotive, packaging, electronics, consumer products, industrial and OEM products. It is mainly used for manufacturing functional components including jigs and fixtures

Nylon 12 AF
Property ASTM Metric Units
Flexural Modulus D790 1994 MPA
Flexural Strength D790 54 MPA
Elongation D638 1.5%
Heat Deflection Temp (66 PSI) D648 177° C
Tensile Modulus D638 2577 MPA

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