Rigid, Great for Viewing Liquid Flow or Internal Details

FullCure transparent is a translucent acrylic-based photopolymer material. FullCure Transparent is suitable for a wide range of rigid models, particularly where visibility of liquid flow or internal details is needed.


  • Enables visibility of liquid flow and internal details
  • Elongation at break of 20% enables some functional applications
  • Good impact strength
  • Model surfaces readily absorb paint without additional processing
  • Model material can also be machined, drilled, chorme-plated or used as a mold
Property ASTM Metric Units
Tensile Strength D-638-03 60.3 MPA
 Modulus of Elasticity D-638-04 2870 MPA
 Elongation at Break D-638-05 20%
 Flexural Strength D-790-03 75.8 MPA
 Flexural Modulus D-790-04 1718 MPA
 Compressive Strength D-695-02 84.3 MPA
 Izod Notched Impact D-256-06 21.3 J/M
 Shore Hardness Scale D 83 Scale D
 Rockwell Hardness Scale M 81 Scale M
 HDT at 0.45 MPA D-648-06 48.4° C
 HDT at 1.82 MPA D-648-07 44.4° C
DMA, E” 48.7° C
 Ash Content N/A < 0.01 %
 Water Absorption D570-98 24 HR 1.53%

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