Cobalt Chrome SP2

Direct Metal laser Sintering Material

CobaltChrome SP2 is a Co, Cr, Mo and W based alloy in fine powder form. Its composition corresponds to type 4 CoCr dental material in EN ISO 22674:2006 standard. It also fulfills the chemical and thermal requirements of EN ISO 9693 for CoCr PFM (porcelain fused metal) of dental materials (Ni content: < 0.1 %, no Cd or Be) and requirements of EN ISO 7504, EN ISO 10993-1:2003 and 10993-5:1999 regarding the biocompatibility and cytotoxicity of the dental materials.


This material is ideal for producing dental restorations (crowns, bridges etc.). Standard processing parameters use full melting of the entire geometry with 20 μm layer thickness.

Cobalt Chrome SP2
Property ASTM Metric Units
(at 20° C)
Metric Units
(Stress Relieved)
Stress Relieved Condition: Mechanical properties of parts at 20° C, after stress
relieving at 750° C for 1 hour and firing at 880° C for 5 minutes
Ultimate Tensile Strength E466 800 MPA 900 MPA
0.2% Yield Strength E466 600 MPA 700 MPA
Elongation E466 10% Min 2%
Youngs Modulus E466 170 GPA 180 GPA
Hardness, Rockwell B E466 320 350

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