Aluminum ALSi 10MG

Low Weight high strength direct metal laser sintering materia

AlSi 10MG is a typical casting alloy with good casting properties and is typically used for cast parts with thin walls and complex geometry. It offers good strength, hardness and dynamic properties and is therefore also used for parts subject to high loads. They can be machined, spark-eroded, welded, micro shot-peened, polished and coated if required. Conventionally cast components in this type of aluminium alloy are often heat treated to improve the mechanical properties, for example using the T6 cycle of solution annealing, quenching and age hardening.


Parts in Aluminum AlSi 10MG are ideal for applications which require a combination of good thermal properties and low weight. Typically used in aerospace and automotive industries for low cost prototyping, complex geometries or thin walls.

Aluminum ALSi 10MG
Property ASTM Metric Units
(35° C Platform)
Metric Units
(HIP + T6 Heat Treat)
Ultimate Tensile Strength 6892-1 379 MPA  281 MPA
0.2% Yield Strength 6892-1 232 MPA  221 MPA
Elongation 6892-1 6.9%  14.1%
Reduction of Area  6892-1 10%  20.7%
Modulus of Elasticity  6892-1 68.3 GPA  71.0 GPA
Hardness, Rockwell B 6506-1  64  –

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