ABS-M30 is up to 25-70 percent stronger than standard ABS, for a more durable part. This results in more realistic functional tests and higher quality parts for end use. ABS-M30 gives you Real Parts that are stronger, smoother, and with better feature detail.


Ideal material for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools, and end-use-parts. ABS-M30 has greater tensile, impact, and flexural strength than standard AB.

Property ASTM Metric Units
Tensile Strength (Type 1, 0.125″, 0.2″/min) ASTM D638 36 MP
Tensile Modulus (Type 1, 0.125″, 0.2″/min) ASTM D638 2,400 MPA
Tensile Elongation (Type 1, 0.125″, 0.2″/min) ASTM D638 4%
Flexural Strength (Method 1, 0.05″/min) ASTM D790 61 MPA
Flexural Modulus (Method 1, 0.05″/min) ASTM D790 2,300 MPA
IZOD Impact, notched (Method A, 23° C) ASTM D256 139 J/M
IZOD Impact, un-notched (Method A, 23° C) ASTM D256 283 J/M

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