TPE 210 S

Flexible Laser Sintering Material This thermo plastic elastomer is soft to touch and comes out in white color. It is characterized by its extreme elongation which it can achieve without permanent deformation. It is easy to infiltrate the material to obtain the maximum properties. It is a 100%…


Nylon 12 PA

Applications: Ideal for complex assemblies, housings, enclosures and connectors with robust thermoplastic that optimizes part quality with cost, producing strong structures with precise small features and detail. Description: A strong, multi-purpose engineering-grade thermoplastic, optimized for…


Nylon 12 GF

Laser Sintering Material This glass filled nylon 12 material is characterized by excellent mechanical stiffness. it has elevated temperature resistance compared to the regular nylon 12. it is also dimensionally stable. Applications: The Nylon 12 material is mainly used for complex prototype…


Nylon 12 AF

Laser Sintering Material This aluminium filled composite polyamide produces strong and stiff parts with a grey metallic appearance. it has an improved tensile modulus and flex modulus compared to the regular nylon material. it is also characterized by good wear resistance and detail reproduction.…


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