Rigid, Great for Viewing Liquid Flow or Internal Details FullCure transparent is a translucent acrylic-based photopolymer material. FullCure Transparent is suitable for a wide range of rigid models, particularly where visibility of liquid flow or internal details is needed. Applications:…


TangoPlus, TangoBlack, and TangoGray

Flexible, Rubber-like, Tough, Exceptional Elongation TangoPlus: Expands the Tango family of rubber-like materials offering exceptional elongation at break, excellent toughness and durability and high resistance to tearing. It addresses a broad range of applications requiring rubber - like…


VeroWhite, VeroBlue, and VeroBlack

Flexible, Rubber-like, Tough, Exceptional Elongation The Vero family provides the ability to produce opaque models that closely resemble the “look” of the target products. Currently available as VeroBlue and VeroWhite, VeroBlack, Vero materials also offer enhanced mechanical properties and the…


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